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Our innovative and unique set of client tools allows you to deliver more for your customers.
We’re committed to operational excellence – and it runs throughout our service offering.


Imaging devices using cloud software means Westcoast can deploy devices over the internet, complete with automated configuration.

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Asset tagging

Our asset tagging service marks customer equipment with a unique ID for peace of mind and an inventory that’s easier to monitor.

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We can configure and image new devices so your customers don’t have to, with the capacity to build up to 700 devices per day.

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Laser etching

Our engraving service means your customers can boost both their security and their brand identity without affecting any warranties.

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Our warehouse is your warehouse; outsourcing to Westcoast means a smoother supply chain to get Surface products in the hands of your customers faster.

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Reseller toolkit

Download our handy toolkit to help start conversations with your customers about all the added value you can provide.

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