Available Options

Laptop 3 – 128 GB

Laptop 3 – 256 GB

Laptop 3 – 512 GB

Laptop 3 – 1 TB

PLT-00003Laptop 3 i5/8/128 – Platinum

PKH-00003Laptop 3 i5/8/128 – Platinum

PKU-00066Laptop 3 i5/8/256 – Sandstone

PLA-00003Laptop 3 i7/16/256 – Platinum

PLA-00024Laptop 3 i7/16/256 – Black

PLA-00045Laptop 3 i7/16/256 – Cobalt Blue

PLA-00066Laptop 3 i7/16/256 – Sandstone

PLZ-00003Laptop 3 i7/16/256 – Platinum

PLZ-00024Laptop 3 i7/16/256 – Black

RDZ-00003Laptop 3 i5/8/256 – Platinum

RDZ-00024Laptop 3 i5/8/256 – Black

RYH-00003Laptop 3 13in i5/16/256 -Platinum

RYH-00045Laptop 3 13in i5/16/256 – Cobalt Blue

RYH-00055Laptop 3 13in i5/16/256 – Sandstone

RYH-00024Laptop 3 i5/16/256 Black

VPN-00003Laptop 3 i5/16/256 – Platinum

VPN-00024Laptop 3 i5/16/256 – Black

PKU-00003Laptop 3 i5/8/256 – Platinum

PKU-00024Laptop 3 i5/8/256 – Black

PKU-00045Laptop 3 i5/8/256 – Cobalt Blue

PMH-00003Laptop 3 i7/16/512 – Platinum

PMH-00024Laptop 3 i7/16/512 – Black

QXS-00003Laptop 3 i7/16/512- Platinum

QXS-00024Laptop 3 i7/16/512 – Black

QXS-00045Laptop 3 i7/16/512 – Cobalt Blue

QXS-00056Laptop 3 i7/16/512 – Sandstone

PLJ-00003Laptop 3 i7/16/1TB – Black

QVQ-00003Laptop 3 i7/32/1TB – Black



The Surface Laptop 3 comes in two sizes, including a large 15″ version, alongside the traditional 13.5″. However, increased size doesn’t mean increased burden. The 15″ version is exceptionally thin and weighs just over 1.5kg, making it easier than ever to carry around.


Packing the latest generation of Intel Core and AMD Ryzen processors, alongside quality RAM and sizeable SSD storage, as well as a range of ports, including USB-C, the Surface Laptop 3 is more than capable of handling whatever you ask of it.


Keep working without worrying thanks to an all-day battery life, coupled with fast charging that can remove any battery anxiety in a flash. Your data is protected too, thanks to biometric security, a removeable hard drive and the latest security updates from Microsoft.

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