Finance Options

Westcoast can offer you the ability to give your customers quality, desirable Surface devices, but without the high upfront costs.

Surface as a Service from Westcoast gives you and your customers as much flexibility as possible, meaning you can go out and win that next Surface deal, or offer Surface to customers who may have thought it was beyond their budget.

Surface bundles

Surface products, accessories, software and support – All at one monthly price.
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Surface as a Service Resources

To make your sale even simpler, we’ve compiled a range of assets and guides you can use to make your case. At the heart of this is a full eBook into the Surface as a Service opportunity and why you shouldn’t ignore it.

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Meet Fast Simon
Don’t snooze through the Surface revolution.

Lazy Simon used to do just enough to get by. But Fast Simon has woken up and changed his thinking – and it’s time for you to do the same. Open your eyes to the Surface as a Service opportunity, with Westcoast.

Our offering makes it easy for your customers to purchase the latest Surface technology, and we’re here to provide you with all the flexibility you need to go out and win the next deal.

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Supercharge your business with Amex

Westcoast has partnered with American Express to give you extended payment terms that allow you up to 90 days to pay for your purchases

This simple, flexible way to pay represents an extra 30 days on top of the 30 days you already get from Westcoast. It can help to reduce the pressures of cashflow and allow you to pass on payment flexibility to your own customers too.

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Westcoast Financial Services (WFS)

WFS can help you and your customers thanks to competitive financing rates and flexible investment solutions that bring a range of benefits.

As a reseller, you’ll enjoy up to 3% additional margin while overcoming the potential credit line challenge that can come with larger opportunities. At the same time, end users can access a trusted source of finance, increase their spend capability and align payments to their usage of goods and services.

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Why Westcoast for financial services?

There are many reasons to choose Westcoast as a financial services provider for you and your customers.

Here are just a few:
It’s your sale so we’ll pay you up front

We will pay you in full on deployment of technology.

We don’t just cover the UK

We facilitate multi region finance options, spanning over 50 countries.

It’s not a one size fits all approach

We understand that one size does not always fit all, which is why we see different lifecycle approaches to assets – we will not limit the end users financing terms and we will support from 1 to 5-year terms.

There are a range of finance options to choose from

At Westcoast Financial Services, we will allow customers to have more flexibility in their IT estate, enabling options to flex up but also flex down in the estate. Minimum qualifying criteria apply.

We know data is sensitive, especially if trading in

Westcoast Financial services will support trade in on current devices and will include controls in line with WEEE regulations and data handling regulations. We either release value for the end user or dispose of the assets for the customer.

It’s not invitation only

We strongly believe in servicing all our customers and will not restrict offering financing solutions. We will support your opportunity no matter how large or small.

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