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Get in touch with your Account Manager or email for further advice and support. To ensure any protection plan or service contract is added to your Surface devices, the protection plan should be purchased within 45 days of the device order*. Please remember to capture the end user details including company name, key contact name, email and contact number.

*The 45 days is valid from the date of purchase by the end customer. It does not factor in stock availability and is valid from the initial date of purchase, regardless of shipping date. The protection plan can only be added by the reseller with whom the device order has been placed.

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Extended Hardware Service Plan

Plan basics
Protection plan coverage Included With purchase
Plan length Varies by country (1-2yrs) 3-4 years
Activation Activated from day device is received by customer Can add up to 45 days from date of purchase
Exchange timeline (business days) 5-8 (varies by country) 3-5 (varies by country)
Hardware service
Manufacturing defects for your Surface device including battery failure
Accidental damage protection
Coverage for drops, spills power surges etc.    
Support for your business
Surface set-up support 90 days 90 days
Onboarding experience    
Teacher training  
Surface data eraser tool
Device Replacement
Prepaid shipping
Advanced exchange  
Microsoft store exchange  

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