Learn how you can speed up customer success

Surface customers are likely to want their devices ready to go as soon as possible. And while traditional methods of configuration and deployment do the job, the modern workplace demands faster results.

This course guides you through modern deployment options, namely Windows Autopilot, showing you a step-by-step of how it works, the value it adds to the deal and how partners can deliver the service to their customers.

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Traditional Windows Deployment can be slow, cumbersome, resource heavy and expensive?


Modern Windows Deployment through AutoPilot and Surface Devices offer what unique benefits?


Partners can enrol Surface devices into Autopilot for their end clients.


AutoPilot returns what value(s) to the End Client?


AutoPilot allows for Partners to offer additional services to their end clients.


AutoPilot White Glove services is a service Partners can offer to ensure end user settings and profiles are in place before the end user receives the device?

7. Surface Distributors are responsible for providing what to the Partner for AutoPilot?

For Bulk enrolment of Surface devices into AutoPilot, what file is required?


There is no need to run a PowerShell script on Surface Devices in order to enrol devices on to Autopilot, this is only a requirement for other OEM devices?


1703 or above versions of Windows 10 is needed for AutoPilot?

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