How Surface and Microsoft 365 enable accessible working

It’s estimated that 1 in 7 people live with a disability, and traditional business IT is still catching up to give everyone equal opportunity to work. Surface and Microsoft 365, however, are built with accessibility in mind.

This session provides you all the details of the devices’ accessibility features that end users can benefit from. Find out how you could offer customers a truly inclusive IT experience.

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1. Companies that embrace best practices for employing and supporting persons with Disabilities in the workplace outperform their peers according to the Accenture Study: The Disability Inclusion Advantage. What are the typical statistics to support this?
2. Approximately over 1 Billion people globally live with some form of disability, is this true or false?
3. The statement "Technology isn't going to change everything, it’s the People who use the Technology who will change everything" was quoted by who?
4. What percentage of Disability is invisible?
5. Accessibility features in Windows 10 are tested on which devices?
6. Accessibility Checker is a feature to help make sure your Microsoft Office content is easy for people of all abilities to read and edit?
7. What option in Windows 10 Settings helps with enabling feature for Accessibility?

Surface Devices and its components (Touch, Camera's, Mic's and Pen) help to give the best experience of Microsoft Accessibility features?

9. What Windows 10 App helps to describe what is being shown on the screen?

More information on Accessibility from Microsoft can be found via this link

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