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It’s time for IT to clean its act up. With Surface and Westcoast, you can reduce plastic and water waste, as well as carbon emissions on new and old devices.

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The Surface commitment to sustainability

With the aim of being carbon-negative, water positive and zero-waste by 2030, Microsoft is on a mission to clean up IT, and its Surface devices are leading the way.

Choosing Surface means choosing a device that’s designed, built, operated and retired with conservation in mind. From prioritising technologies that reduce environmental impact, to investing in the supply chain to build sustainability, the goal is to safeguard our world.

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As always, it’s our aim to make life better for everyone, everywhere, not just our customers. That’s why we’ve committed to a framework for sustainability, built around the UN’s Sustainable Global Goals.

Through our Carbon Action Programme, we’re committed to adding net zero to the carbon we directly control by 2035. And we’re working with our major suppliers to reduce their own carbon emissions too.

As part of our policies, we’re also committing to ensuring inclusive, lifelong learning for children and adults through initiatives like The Bright Sparks programme. And carving a place for women in technology with a firm focus on working with schools to champion IT as a career path for girls.

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Device Solutions

Device Solutions helps you offer a full solution to your customers, ensuring they get the most out of each device. But it’s also a cleaner way of delivering IT. With trade-in offers for older, less efficient devices as well as a responsible purchasing setup, we provide the complete package.

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Device recycling

When new devices are purchased through Device Solutions, or an old device reaches the end of its life, we’ll take it in and ensure it’s disposed of ethically. Whatever can be recycled will be recycled, while all precious data will be wiped clean.

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Better packaging

We’re on a mission to cut down on plastic waste, but when a device is supplied in plastic, we’ll offer to dispose of it in the most sustainable manner possible.

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Clean delivery

We’re taking steps to reduce the footprint of our logistical services. That includes using cleaner vehicles to make deliveries, while continuing to provide two-person delivery teams, international fulfilment, delivery to multiple desks and more.

For cleaner IT, choose Surface and Westcoast.

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